jeudi 3 septembre 2009

"What I Talk About When I Talk About Running" Haruki Murakami

I just ordered this on Amazon... sounds like a good read. The Guardian says "His description of the physical and mental agonies as he struggled to complete a 62-mile course, followed by the near-religious experience of the last few miles, when he knew he was going to finish, is one of the highlights of what he calls "a kind of memoir". Non-running readers of his novels will probably ask: "Why on earth did he run 62 miles when he knew it would hurt so much?" Runners ask a different question: "Why have I never done that?"

je viens de commander ceci sur Amazon - il me semble bien!! Le journal anglais, The Guardian dit " en décrivant la torture physique et mentale pendant une course de 90KM, et puis l'euphorie quasi-religieux des derniers kilomètres sachant qu'il allait terminer, font partie de ce  "journal". Ceux qui ne courent pas diraient, "pourquoi courir 90km s'il savait que ca fait mal?". Ceux qui courent pose une autre question, "pourquoi je ne le fais pas?"

Having completed a the 100km de Millau twice, I know that more than half the battle is mental; believing you can do it...and Millau really is the most difficult 100km race in France  with it's repeated hill climbs after 50km.
Ayant fait deux fois les 100km de Millau, je sais bien que plus que la moitié de la préparation reste le mental; à s'y croire qu'on va réussir... et Millau est la référence en France, avec les côtes entre Millau et Saint Afrique après 50km de course!!!


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  1. at what point do you start saying to yourself "never again", "why"... and "i must be a right nob"... but it's those low points that make it all the more satisfying. i was in a dark place this year coming up ventoux i can tell you!

    turbo trainer - have a look on ebay... you want one with a power meter so you can measure your training, and set it to a particular setting and forget about it. i have something called the tacx basic which is perfectly okay for me... tacx flow is their later model along the same lines i think.

    time trialling especially, is all about generating the most power - obviously - along with being as aerodynamic as you can be (something ridiculous like 60% of effort is spent overcoming wind resistance!!). it's not called the race of truth for nothing... road racing is different as tactics etc play a bigger part, and an ability to sprint and make short, high intensity efforts is the key... so you really need to push your power output up. do a google search on power training. there is LOADS of stuff on it, but they all talk about FTP, which equates to the maximum power you can maintain for an hour. Lots of training programs are based around this figure... hence I do loads of 2x20 minute sessions at 85% of my FTP...

    here are a few urls to start you off...