mardi 1 septembre 2009

Triathlon de Paris 2009

i took this from you tube... it shows the washing machine effect quite well when you follow individual swimmers.... even swimming straight int o the canoes. i moved to the far bank (left screen) to try and avoid drowning, so i'm not in shot (i'm the one in the hat and black swimsuit!! gnarf gnarf) until you see the last yellow canoe at the top left after about 33 secs :0)...

27 mins for 1500m was quite satisfying for a first ever river swim!!! One minute behind Laurent Jalabert!!!! but i had an extra 100m to do in re-crossing the river!!!
Swimming in the Seine was a hoot!!!!

2 commentaires:

  1. Most excellent! But what are you on?
    Oh, and any weird skin reaction after a swim in the Seine?
    Maybe we'll find a time slot to swim in Mt St Aignan this year? More scheduling....
    Stay strong!

  2. ha ha - i have had an ear infection since the swim - a connection? maybe i need to wear earplugs...
    the seine seemed, surprisingly, quite clean.... and was pleasantly warm - a great feeling. I kept smiling to myself as i swan along!!!

    i'm sure we can schedule a swim at Mont saint aignan!! i'm getting good at scheduling.... once priorities are clear!!
    i'm sure you can give mle some good tips on improving swimming....

    take it easy