lundi 19 septembre 2011

ENd of the Summer - fin de l'été

Changes - turn and face the strain.... a long summer coming to an end and time to reflect .
New house, which involved moving two apartments into one house - good news, big stress !
I am now less than a one-minute run into the Forêt Verte, just behind.....
I now have one tooth less than last year - tooth infections have plagued my summer resulting in one tooth being pulled ! aaaaarrggghhh  I even lost weight, which, for a 76 kilo wannabe Ironman,  is not ideal !
Great holiday on the Costa Brava close to Calella and the Challenge site... a one-hour swim in a sub 16° sea resulted in hypothermia - shivering for 30 minutes is no joke !
The result of all this - a postponed Ironman for 2 October (Barcelona-Maresme), replaced by an Olympic Triathlon on October 16 (Barcelona).

Happy - yes and no. Happy I can still get to Barcelona, not happy that I don't get to do the full Iron distance this year.
So 2012 is already planned - Half Iron in May, Full Iron in October - the two Challenge races on the costa brava - decided and penned into my agenda.
I am also planning an excursion to the Alps on the bike and possibly doing La Marmotte  as a preparation for the Ironman, which will mean doing a hell of a lot of preparation for La Marmotte !!!!

So a good year to date, with a better year in sight.... and it's not over yet is it?
Barcelona October 16 :°))