dimanche 6 septembre 2009

Barcelona Training Day 1

Woke up at 8h - quite a cold morning, but sunny. Went out at 10h40 with the intention of just having a slow jog for about an hour - to get the legs going after last Sunday! I felt good, legs light, and most importantly, no nagging achilles tendon problem - that's been following me around since May. My calf muscle also felt fine (this is the one that stopped me starting the Barcelona Marathon in March but which  then made me decide to start training for Triathlons. I was told by Dr Polin at CHU Rouen that triathletes don't suffer as many muscle injuries because of the variety of training. Running is just pounding away at the same muscles, and recovery is more difficult...... On the plane back from Barcelona in March i saw an ad in one of the magazines given in the Marathon pack, for the Barcelona triathlon - not even  knowing when it was, i think i decided i was going to  do it anyway... and so here i am.......).
The injuries are less frequent, but as we probably all know (those who have had tendon problems) this just flares up and then goes away for no apparent reason.... it seems to have disappeared for now.

So.... i combined uphill accelerations, short burst sprints and nice steady periods at around 12k/h.
1H15 mins - i felt really good, and told esther that it was the first time in a long time that i really enjoyed running (i've had lmixed feelings since March and the Barcelona disappointment)....

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