samedi 26 février 2011

2011 begins... commence 2011

How has it begun so far ? Achilles tendon pain, severe lower back pain,  flu....and it's not quite March yet!
It's not all bad though - i have kept on training and feel in great form. I've managed to complete several 3Km swims followed by a 1 hour run, (a  personal measure of how i feel - and i feel great). The weather hasn't helped cycling, but turbo training has started to show its benefits.... I did a 50km ride in January and the same early this week - with a good increase in speed and, more noticeably in rpm.. from an average of 65 to 69, over a very hilly route.
Although my back has caused me problems I have used KT Tape, and the pain during running is reduced and I can run comfortably...

The plan for the year is starting to look like this :
Le calendrier commence à ressembler à ceci :

May 29 - Half-Challenge Barcelona-Maresme
July 10 - Paris Triathlon (Olympic distance)
Oct 2 - Challenge Barcelona -Maresme - full Iron distance (my first) - although i haven't registered for this yet - anxiety?

Comment démarre cette année? douleur au tendon d'achille, très mal au dos, la grippe.. et on n'ets même pas au mois de mars encore !!
Tout ne va pas si mal, cependant ! je continue à m'entrainer and je me sens en pleine forme. J'ai réussi à faire plusieurs séances natation-càp (3KM+1hr) - ce qui me donne une bonne idée de mon niveau actuel, et franchement, ca va bien! La météo ne favorise pas les sorties en vélo, mais le séances home-trainer commencent à porter ses fruits - j'ai fait une sortie très vallonée de 50km au mois de janvier, et la même chose cette semaine - je vois des progrès au niveau de vitesse, et surtout de cadence - de 65 à 69 (mésuré avec précision grace à mon Garmin :°) ).
Même si j'ai eu très mal au dos, j'ai utilisé KT Tape  ca m'a vraiment aidé - la douleur est réduite, et j'arrive à courir assez confortablement. C'est assez incroyable ce produit !!

Have a good run, cycle, swim this weekend !!

4 commentaires:

  1. Sorry for the pain but I am glad that you feel in good shape.
    Good luck on your program.

  2. It's great to hearing from you, Martin!
    Great plan, this year you are going twice to Barcelona! I'm glad that the pain during running is reduced and you feel better.

    Italian people are happy for beating France in the rugby. Next Saturday Scotland against Italy!

    Have a nice training!

  3. Have a look on my last post, there are 3 pictures about Italy-France of rugby.

  4. Your training looks strong, and will serve you well for the upcoming races. Don't worry about the pain, it's weakness leaving the body if it's not sharp pain. Train with purpose.