lundi 5 juillet 2010

Lapierre - Too Good to EAT! Trop bon pour manger !!

I had a great 2 hours on the bike last week - and decided to wipe down the frame before passing it in the tumble dryer - fortunately,  and to my surprise discovered the following label on the underside.
J'ai eu une sortie superbe de deux heures la semaine dernière - et donc j'ai décidé de nettoyer le cadre avant de le passer dans la sèche-linge, heureusement, et à ma grande surprise, j'ai découvert cette étiquette !

Et je sais que La France est bien la capitale de la gourmandise, mais quand même..!!! Ne pas manger !!
I know France has a great culinary reputation, but even so..!! Do not eat !!!

3 commentaires:

  1. Perhaps there is an answer, when the things go wrong we say: "I would have eaten it"! Good job on the bike.

  2. Hi Martin,
    Oh my gosh, that is really funny! I don't think that you could ever be hungry enough:) Enjoy your week my French blogger friend!

  3. Hi Martin,
    I have a bike too and I know that triathlon is fantastic. Moreover, I'm sure that there is a relation between triathlon and environment. But its training takes a lot of time. I and my wife, who works too, have to follow our daughters (school, tennis, friends). Maybe if I have time I'll begin triathlon.

    Don't forget the label on the underside! Don't eat it :)

    The 2010 Fifa world cup was very strange: Germany and Netherlands are stronger than Spain (see matches against Brazil and Argentina). Ghana is stronger than Uruguay.

    I've planned to go to Paris this summer. My daughters would like to visit it. Unfortunately I don't remember French language which I studied when I was younger.
    Have a nice running, swimming and biking time!