dimanche 26 mai 2013

too long in France - trop de temps en France

The weather has been so mixed this past week that i don't know if i'm coming or going, if it's spring or winter, autumn or summer.... it hasn't stopped my training as the record shows (right), but it has made me turn into a French person. How ?
To put things into context - May is not a month in France, it is an extended holiday. May1, May 8, May 9, May 20 are all Bank Holidays.. but more interestingly, when these days fall on a Tuesday, the preceding Monday becomes the bridge - so a long weekend; if it falls on a Thursday, it's the friday that is bridged to the weekend, and every so often it's on a Wednesday, like May 8 - and because the Thursday is also a holiday, the Friday is also a holiday = a two day work week, which means lots of running, cycling and swimming !! yeaaaah

So yesterday, May 9th, i went for an early morning run in the warm sunshine, and although the air was a bit chilly, it was a lovely spring day. Ideal. I stopped and took a panoramic photo aiming to capture my happiness...i felt so good that i ran the near 20km hilly course, which i normally run in around 1h45-1h50, in 1h36m24secs.
It was never going to last though, was it - this is Normandy after all.
Today, May 10th, i'd planned a long ride on the bike but  on waking at 7h10, was unhappy to see the grey sky, the rain, and worst of all, the swaying trees , which meant wind ! The worst kind of weather for riding - cold, rain, wind. I still got up and got out - dressed like it was December, with shoe covers, gloves and beany hat under the helmet.... It was this weather which made me turn into a French person - the video i shot riding up the hill made me laugh when i realized it ! Here i was, not at work, enjoying a ride out in the Normandy countryside, albeit wet and windy, but still managing to complain about it all - the eternal French complainer, always moaning about something.

Having said that, i have been training well, and thoroughly enjoying it all - an dhave managed to do quite a lot of brick sessions, meaning i'm getting used to running off the bike. So hopefully, i'll get a better time at the Half Ironman tri next week in Barcelona. The bike leg is going to be tough, with a bit of climbing, but if i can run faster than my previous LD attempts, i'll be happy.

2 commentaires:

  1. What a great 20km workout! 1 hour and 36 minutes is a good time considering the hilly track. You're speedy, Martin and you're ready for the Half Ironman tri in Barcelona.

    Cold, rain, wind ... and you are still wearing winter clothes when you go biking. That video is fun!

  2. The same in Italy, we don't understand which season this is: cold, warm, rain, sun..... every day a different weather.
    Your workout tells that you are ready for a great Half Ironman: good luck!