lundi 6 septembre 2010

Retour des vacances - Back from Holiday !

It's the beginning of September - not the easiest of times : the end of the holiday and back to the routine of work  !!! I had such a great August - cycling, then running along the Costa Brava coastline and swimming in the Med over the past two weeks...
Début du mois de septembre - âs le mois le plus facile - la fin des vacances, le début de la rentrée, et tout ca après un très bon mois d'aout - beaucoup de vélo, de càp le long de la Costa Brava et de natation dans la Méd !
Plus the Grande Alpe tour has been put off until May - due to timing problems for the other cyclists !
That leaves me the Barcelona Triathlon to really look forward to - a pause - a thought - mmmm - feel better already. Only 6 weeks to go !
Et de plus le projet de la route des Grandes Alpes a été reporté jusqu'au mois de mai, problème de planning pour les autres cyclistes ! Donc tout ce qui me reste est le tri de Barcelona - oui! ca fait du bien d'y penser!!!

Some photos
You can see Calella de Palafrugell in the background, Llafranc closer - 
i ran up a steep hill to get this picture !!! 

this hill :

along coastline like this :

Despite a severe head cold, i still managed a lot of swimming ! Something about the sea here I love - the morning it's really flat so you can work on speed, and in the afternoon it's really choppy which makes for a lot strength and stamina work -  and all that with the warm sun and the taste of salt !!
Malgré un rhume, j'ai pu faire beaucoup de natation - j'adore nager ici - le matin la mer est souvent calme, donc on travaille la vitesse, l'après midi les courants bougent assez, et on travaille l'endurance et la force - et tout ca avec le beau soleil et le gout du sel !!  

5 commentaires:

  1. Hi Martin,
    the photos show you ran along a wonderful coastline although you did that with the warm sun :)
    Have a nice preparation for Barcelona Triathlon!

  2. Sorry for the end of the holidays but this is our life: too much work and short vacations. Great picture. Good luck on the Tri.

  3. Martin, thanks for stopping by my blog, AND leaving your mark. I love comments. Good luck on your Iron training. It is such a great process. I loved every minute of the training, dedication, and had a fun race. Look forward to following your journey.



  4. Hi Martin,
    It is great to hear from you. What about your iron training? October is near and you are going to Barcelona. I hope your sore achilles tendon will go well and you will enjoy the Barcelona Triathlon. Good luck Martin!

    Post scriptum: when you'll visit Italy you have a thermal bath here near Rome. As you know, the spa is suitable for athletes after sport activity.

  5. Mate. Your photos look amazing. Good on you mate! I wish you all the very best!