dimanche 20 juin 2010

Sortie vélo in the early morning rain - early cycle dans la pluie et vent du petit matin

Great cycle this morning at 6h30 - only 1h40 in the wind and rain - my feet were freezing, and this is supposed to be the start of summer. I clicked on the google photos (link below)  and realised there is a photo of Dali's staute of liberty at Vascoeil, beautiful chateau and gardens with art work scattered around (Dali's "people walking" made of chain is fantastic too...
Sortie vélo géniale ce matin - que 1h40 avec vent et pluie - j'avais des pieds gelés, et on est censé d'être au début de l'été!! J'ai fait fonctionné l'option "photos" sur le google map (lien en dessous), et j'ai vu qu'à Vascoeil la statue de liberté de Dali - le château et jardins sont super, avec des oeuvres d'art un peu partout - les "gens en train de marcher" de Dali (fait avec des chaines) et fabuleux


Then went to the sea - Veules Les Roses - and had a great swim in a very tormented sea - difficult to swim with all the waves and currents, but so great!
Je suis allé aussi au bord de la mer, à Veules Les Roses, et j'ai pu nager un peu, malgré les vagues et courants ! géniale

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  1. Hi Martin,
    you did a hard training in the wind and rain but, as you know, it makes you stronger. While you was writing a comment on my blog you wrote that "footballers are paid too much to do too little". I absolutely agree with this!
    I think that Argentina and Netherlands are the strongest soccer teams now. Seems that Italy, France and England soccer teams are disorientated. Germany is the youngest team.

  2. Hi Martin,
    Nice work on your challenging swim! I agree with Giorgio...it is the difficult workouts that make us stronger:) I am glad that you also had a great bike workout too! Working out in cold temps with wind and rain is not my favorite. Way to stay tough!

  3. Thanks for your encouragement Martin! But Slovakia held on for a dramatic 3-2 victory over Italy that sent them into the second round. Eliminate Italy :(