samedi 13 février 2010

Paris in July - triathlon!

I just registered for the Paris Tri for July.... starts at the Eiffel Tower, which is what swayed it for me. I don't like to repeat events one year after, but as the course is different!!!! Swimming in the seine last year was such a thrill...
Je viens de m'inscrire pour le tri de paris qui aura lieu le 18 juillet. Le départ est au Tour Eiffel, donc vu que le parcours change depuis l'année dernière, je refais sans hésitation (normalement je n'aime pas refaire la même course l'année suivante...). Nager dans la seine est un vrai plaisir!!

First have to get through the LD in Barcelona-Maresme!
Training is going really well.
This week:
Friday - 1h20 run
Saturday - 2.5km swim
Sunday - 2hr bike
Monday - 1h30 run
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - 3km swim
Thursday - 1hr Turbo
Friday - 1h20 run
Today - 2,5km swim.

4 commentaires:

  1. I've just visited your blog where I've seen the two beautiful photos which you posted the 27th of October 2009: undreds of swimmers on the sea.
    Have a nice trainig.

  2. yes! beautiful photos, of the barcelona triathlon.
    A really great event - i'll do this again, if i can.
    i'd love to run in rome some day too!!!!

  3. As you know there are a lot of up hills and down hills along the Rome marathon's track. I think the most beautiful marathon is in Berlin. If I can I'll do it one of these days.

  4. i read about the Rome Marathon and it is very difficult.
    Berlin is the fastest course, but i ran Barcelona and it is fantastic!
    i recommend Barcelona in march.
    Paris is also really nice (i've done this twice), in April. You have to register in May for the following year!